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I never told you

but it's all in your goodbyes

I ♥ you
6 April
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The names Christina

And I'm sweet.

I live in Pennsylvania..
and I hate it.
I love love, its the most amazing feeling you will ever feel, and its indiscribable.
If I don't like you stay away from me..cause it won't be pretty.
Sour patch kids and Starbursts are the best candy ever made.
I talk a little too much and I'm really insecure.
Also I love music, and it's my life pretty much.
I'm in love with this REAL cute boy, his name is Seth.
And he's amazing, I love him more then anything, and wouldn't trade him for the world.
I hate liars..and I hate two faced people.
I hate trendy "wanna be punk" bands.
I love rain, thunderstorms, and making out in the rain..its amazing.
I love snow, most of the time.
Stars, and the moon make me real happy.
Fish gross me out.
Im a vegetarian, if you've gotta problem,
shut your mouth cause I dont give a shit what you think.
I'm a pretty easy person to get along with..unless I don't like you.
I have an addiction to freezepops.
And..I think jellybeans are gross.

If you'd like to talk, feel free to add me or IM me, I love new friends, and im really friendly until you give me a reason not to be.


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